Level 2 consists of five modules à six days of residential training (60 hours) at Guru Ram Das Aquarian Academy plus face2face or online study group meetings in between the modules.

Module 1   Conscious Communication   NEW!  November 4 – 10, 2018
Learn to speak and listen from Shuniya. Practice yogic counselling. Explore chakra communication and how to uplift a conversation. Develop your voice as a teacher and your communication with the Divine.

Module 2   Authentic Relationships   March 9 – 15, 2019
Learn to be authentic with yourself and with others by relating from and to the soul. Heal the wounds of love. Understand your own polarities and the game of male/female interaction. Become a living manifestation of your Infinite.

Module 3   Life Cycles & Lifestyle   October 12 – 18, 2019
Understand your lifeline and explore how changes and losses have shaped your life. Learn how to embrace crisis and transformation as a tool to manifest the essence of your life. Study yogic life style technologies as support systems for ongoing transformation.

Module 4   Vitality & Stress   March 14 – 20, 2020
Understand mechanisms of stress and cold depression. Learn to regenerate your energy level in a natural yogic way. Practice vitality as a balance of energy, calmness and sensitivity. Take life choices that support your vitality.

Module 5   Mind & Meditation   September 26 – October 2, 2020
Explore your mind, its functions, facets and projections. Recognize your tendencies and experience those meditations that transform the mind into a  servant of the soul.  Learn to be still, intuitive and creative by developing your meditative mind.

Exam Week End   November 26 – 29, 2020
Final Study Group Meeting,  Exams & optional India Yatra Preparation

For international participants it is possible to register for single modules. For German participants it is not yet possible as a standard procedure. Please contact us if your personal situation requires reviewing the situation.