Costs & Payment Options

  1. Prepayment for & before the complete 5 Module Course:
    2.400€ including registration fee, training manuals & DVD’s.
  2. Payment by Instalments (bank collection from SEPA countries only):
    Registration fee of 200€ plus 27 monthly instalments of 85€.
    From SEPA countries instalments will be collected via direct debit.  From non SEPA countries instalments have to be sent via banc transfer.
  3. Payment by module (for international participants only):
    Registration fee of 200€ (to be paid only once) plus 480€ per module.

The final examination fee of 150€ is not included in options 1-3.

Full organic, vegan/vegetarian & standard lodging: 345€/ Module  will be collected on site for each module at Guru Ram Das Ashram.

Ask for a reduced participation fee if you are repeating a Level 2 module/cycle.